The Best Planters for Spring

The Best Planters for Spring

Whether you’re expanding your greenhouse, just starting your small backyard garden, or want to add some greenery to your front porch this spring, Abode offers a variety of different planters to choose from, with shapes and colors to match your unique style. From traditional planters with built-in saucers to modern, triangle-shaped planters to add layers and depth to your home or garden, below we’ve broken down the different Abode planters that are perfect for this season. 


Mercury Plant Pot and Pelt Plant Pot

Our Mercury Plant Pot and Pelt Plant Pot are small enough to fit on your windowsill or on your deck! They are designed with a drainage hole and care tray to make caring for your plant as easy as possible. Ideal for gardeners who live in a smaller space and want to add some greenery or those who want to try gardening for the first time, these planters are great for planting herbs, fruits, and vegetables, or any other container variety!


Score Plant Pot

Are you looking for a more natural design? Our Score Plant Pot has a stunning wood-inspired exterior to make your plants look like they grew there naturally. These planters would fit beautifully in an outdoor garden or greenhouse. They come in taupe or grey, so they easily fit into any color scheme! Try these planters for greenery, like English Ivy or Chinese Evergreen, or wildflowers, for the best nature-inspired look.


Triangular Succulent Plant Pot

For a more modern look, our Triangular Succulent Plant Pot will make your garden on-trend. These planters can add depth and color to your outdoor garden, and also make a stylish addition inside your home. If you’re looking to add some natural elements into your home, use the Triangular Succulent Plant pots to add some color to your living room, kitchen, or bedroom with an easy-to-care-for succulent of your choice.  

No matter how you use our planters, you can find an indoor or outdoor planter to fill your home with plants and flowers just in time for spring!

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